Monday, September 7, 2015

1932-1998 the dash - of MOM2

We my brothers and sisters and I all have different memories of mother. She was great at meeting us at our points of need. She knew who were the stronger and the weaker ones. I resented her telling me that but I loved her for knowing and catering to those individual needs. I cried over the days she didn't visit me on her journey North...because according to her I didn’t need it. She gave us what we needed...even if we didn't like it. She made all of us feel special. Her way of making me feel special was sharing with her friends that I was going to become a Doctor. She created harmony among us. Her sons respected her BUT not all of them honored her in the sense of creating a lifestyle that was befitting of mother queen who had raised 6 boys on her own.  She was OK with that because she still loved them like Christ love the church. 

Let the storm rage on

It's time to see beyond the limits NOW that the storm has passed...I'm soaring above the clouds the air is thin but I'm breathing just fine

1932-1998 the dash of MOM

I'm sure her mother celebrated her day of Birth and yet others mourned her death. I celebrated the dash from our days together. Each of her 9 children has a different dash for mom she shared her dash with strangers, friends and family alike. One of the most important lessons I learned from mom was giving out the of her need. Another was to always helping those in need. I remember once she brought home from traveling a Chinese girl that road the Greyhound bus to Charleston and had no family, friends, or anywhere to lay her head. We were more afraid for her safety than she was. In that she taught me what fear was...False Expectations Appearing Real. She went to bed and locked her up the next morning and made her breakfast then helped her get on her way.