Monday, October 31, 2011

"The Distance of Hope" by Tempestt Ariel Newton 10th grade

What I yearn for in life is not always near
But as I live my life, I live no fear
I soar on wings of faith and rise into brighter skies
Waking up each day and waling by the grace of God
Expecting to see the greatness that awaits me
Daily fulfilling my destiny set before me
What has been predetermined for me is simply for me
My heart leaps with joy
My soul sings praises
My spirit breaks free from all burdensome cages
Emancipated to release God's glory
My life will testify just as the generations before
Leaving a legacy not temporary but everlasting and legendary
To successfully establish this majestic journey
Breathing life to embark on The Distance of Hope
Tempestt Newton, 10th Grade
Celebration of Young Poets, Florida 2006