Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kindness takin for WEAKNESS!!

All of Kindness taken for weakness!!! Take up with GOD!


Let me think about this....I'm at a lost for words...This is a tough question...I'm at a lost for words...Let me not say the wrong thing to offend or make you think something other that what I'm really thinking...the conversations has become saturated/stale...URBAN:

  • lol 

  • ok 

  • uhh 

  • what 
  • wtf 

  • yes 

  • blah 

  • eh 

  • no 

  • sigh

  • uh 

  • umm 

  • heh 

  • well
  • Feel the Feel

    Strung out on life...scatter like stars the future is now...live it..feel the feel..we hold tomorrow by pursuing the now and fulfilling our destiny and letting go of our fears of yesterday...it's gone our hope is in now, tomorrow, the future and our destiny....glance back to gain momentum to soar!

    Fight for it

    All the things I didn't I say like No when I said YES...or Yes when I should have said NO! no more...there's a fire burning inside...I'm taking back my life BACK!...I still have FIGHT left in ME...Breathe OUT...Breathe IN...Watch my shadow...

    There is Love in you

    Don't complicate it by letting the past in...I know you...I've been there...but you're lost on the road to misery.  There is love in love I know it ...I told you secrets only revealed in my soul I have been patient but slowly I've lost faith with you...I know the shadows of your heart...the dark parts that you revealed to no one...I see it I know it...I carried it in the bowels of my belly. I took it to the redeemer and He brought me back to you and told me that there is love in you. 

    Do you remember...

    You said God chose me for you... cut from your rib...obviously it's not from the word of God BUT from your ego...everything that you said that we'd be...it was all a lie I hung onto your every word
    don't you remember...don't you remember... everything you told me that God told you (Man of God)
    ... How can you love someone and everything just change...Everything you said we'd be
    All the things you said...Don't you remember