Monday, July 25, 2011

It's Over!

My sabbatical is finally over and I can now share with you the J.O.Y., pangs, frustrations, anguish, distrust, deafening periods of silence, loneliness with a room full of people, deceptions yet standing in integrity, honesty that developed growth, hatred that hangs on despite the face of forgiveness, the weakness of strength, love that holds on by the spindle of a web, a mother's never ending love, total acceptance, the inspiring growth of a young father and son relationship, brothers' maturation, restoration of childhood friendship, and complete trust in GOD.... I know its a lot but I hope to tell you something about them all and more. I won't comprise the truth. But please try to remember this is the way they happened to me. These are my views and perceptions. Perhaps in your thought process you may see or hear something else; please share. I welcome it. The most important concept is that we learn, internalize, and grow. If we aren't growing then we are dead...

Hence a growth experience...

Have you ever gone through periods in your life when you had no one to talk to or so you thought. Well I have. Here's a scene: You pick up your phone and stroll through the contacts list but not one name jumps out at you or you call someone and they brush you off or they don't answer (perhaps not meaning to). You know your not depressed because you are functioning with all your capacities. You just want conversation. Or perhaps there were people around but you don't feel like you could share what was on your heart or mind with them. How many of you know that this can be challenging? But as I listened to the still small voice on the inside I began to hear that I was not alone but there will be times of loneliness in order to hear Him more clearly. This was a necessary process throughout my sabbatical and my life.

Pruning may hurt but it promotes beauty, allows room for growth and aids in longevity. yyn

I will talk with you soon...thanks for listening