Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dear John

I give myself permission to forgive you...Now I write this letter to say thank-you for coming into my life…so what I’ve poured my heart out and shared with you personal details and intimate secrets shared with no other…I’d do it all over again! Why? I took a risk! If I hadn't taken the chance I wouldn't have met you and because of you…I‘ve grown stronger and wiser.

I can only hope you have taken a piece of my peace that comes from the spirit that dwells within! BUT (which changes everything) know you've left me intact (body, mind, and spirit). You took your baggage back with you…I didn't own it and you over looked opportunities to unpack or resolve them. Unfortunately, you still carry the weight upon your back. But know His yoke is easy and His burden is light! However, I likened this season "covenant" where there was an intertwining of: truth, honesty, sacrifice, sincerity, and sharing. Most people prefer relationships of convenience because it doesn't require them to make scarifies and commitment...although they believe within themselves they are actually going out of their way to fulfill and make and such a relationship or covenant but in essence they have missed the mark out of fear of losing themselves… the only way to find yourself is to first lose it Christ...how then can you know what your worth

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