Saturday, February 6, 2010

Being Used is a destiny through purpose

Yesterday I went to the mall in the midst of what was going to be a major snow storm. I had plans to take a friend to lunch for her birthday and maybe meeting her for her biweekly nail appointment. My friend cancelled but I kept my appointment. At first I was leary like most would be about going through with what seemed to be empty plans but while I was at the mall I entered a store and a young woman working stopped me and says to me, "May I ask you a something?" "You may think this to be totally out of order", she says. How many of you know that God does everything in order? She began to explain a situation she was having with her co-worker/friend...this person personified the image of caring about her wellbeing but all the while toxifying the working and friendship relationship. However, one of the young woman questions to me was if she had damaging information that could get the other woman fired should she should go ahead and do it...She said her good friends were enticing her to do it and that it was getting even more challenging everyday to work with the young lady...Knowing I was being lead of God I immediately told her that She was being honored by God for seeking for a solution from outside sources then I charged myself by looking into my own life experiences and told her I knew it was challenging to continuing to keep up the appearance and love her inspite of what she does or say...we have to do what God want us to do no matter how difficult the other person makes it and love her radically and who God made you to be...and remeber that the young lady was probably working out of her own unmeet needs, hurt, pain, jelousy and/or low self-esteem. I told her although we do have the power to change someone's life in an instant by what we say or do so we should choose carefully. I was forever changed by this encouter and I am grateful to God for allowing me to partake in His goodnes.

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